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11 Myths About Cesarean Surgery….

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I purposely did not have a birth plan during my pregnancy after seeing so many new moms distraught for weeks following their child’s birth. The miracle of a new life seemed overshadowed by their disappointment because it wasn’t what they had ‘planned’. But life doesn’t always go according to plan.

 I had a great midwife and supportive husband so I was confident that ultimately I would follow whatever birth plan was best for the baby. After 32 hours of horrendous back labor, we had to make the safest decision and an emergency cesarean was the outcome. I’m not disappointed or upset because in the end I had a healthy and happy little boy.  But in case a c-section is in your cards… here’s what I wish I knew in advance.

Myth #1. The epidural doesn’t hurt.

Actually they were somewhat accurate… the epidural needle itself may not hurt… but going through a contraction while a stranger is strategically trying to place a harpoon in your spine isn’t exactly enjoyable. And while your contractions are causing your body to involuntarily distort into a multitude of unknown yoga poses… they pleasantly remind you not to move so the needle doesn’t paralyze poke you.

Myth #2 The operating room is a little chilly.

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