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New Years. The cliche time of year where many of us cling to ideas, goals and promises we hope to achieve in the upcoming year. By no means am I against New Years Resolutions. I think having goals is essential for personal development and being able to better ourselves. However, I find that all to often we forget one of the most crucial aspects of self development and growth Continue reading

One Word for 2016


Welcome to 2016 everyone!! Ahhhh….. the first Monday of a new year. Although it is just another day, there can be something incredibly symbolic about a new year. The chance for a fresh start, a new outlook, a clean slate…. or for some, the simple peace of mind that comes with leaving 2015 in the past. Personally I fall into the latter. I can honestly say that 2015 was one of the hardest years of my life. It was an extremely difficult year filled with Continue reading