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Lost at Sea


Ever since I can remember, I have loved and admired the tranquility of the ocean. My childhood summers were spent alongside my family on vacation and I cannot recall a single summer where I didn’t spend at least one weekend listening to the waves lap against the shore. As a little girl I would spend entire days picking sand dollars out of the tide pools, drawing pictures in wet sand and chasing crabs from underneath their rocks. Evenings were either spent jumping barefoot across sun bleached driftwood in search of the perfect sea shell or curled up in a beach towel watching the sunlight play along the horizon before its final descent.

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I’m so crafty….


I am officially finished work for the summer holidays and I couldn’t be any more excited! Goodbye stuffy lunch rooms…. so long playground accidents….. bye for now crowded hallways… au revoir staff meetings and hello sunny afternoons, cold ice tea and a good book! I am so excited to spend time this summer relaxing.

That may not seem very challenging for some of you…. but for those that know me….. I am not very good at sitting back and kicking my feet up. I’ve always got a project on the go or some kind of to-do list. But this summer I have a different perspective and set of goals for my time off. Continue reading