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Mexican Bean Salad


Happy Family Day to all of my B.C readers! We just got back from a very wet and drizzly walk by the lake this morning, but with rain coats, hot tea and rain boots we were quite prepared.  He is now fast asleep and I thought I would share this great recipe. With the weather starting to feel more like spring than winter, I am already excited for lighter dinner ideas as opposed to heavy comfort food. This bean salad is fresh, flavorful and full of great ingredients! Beans are nutritional powerhouses packed with protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron, potassium, and are also low in fat, so I incorporate them into our diet on a regular basis for these reasons. But try for yourself. This is the perfect side dish for BBQ meats and quinoa dishes. Enjoy! Continue reading

Kale and Roasted Yam Salad


It’s Friday!!! I don’t know about you but I am excited for the weekend!

Last night my sister and I went on a mini road trip to see Florida Georgia Line play in Penticton. Yeehaw!! I am a huge country music fan so of course I thought the concert was awesome!!! But after a road trip dinner of A&W burgers, fries and rootbeer (yuuuummmm) I am left feeling in need of some healthy recipes for the weekend. My fridge doesn’t even have enough food in it to feed a small family of ants so I am desperate for some groceries and meal prep. This recipe is the first I will be making.

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