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DIY Pom Pom’s

Here is the DIY promised from the other day! As I mentioned in my last post, my second job for my sister’s bridal shower was to come up with some decor ideas that also fit the budget. I saw a great Martha Stewart DIY pom pom kit at a local craft store but I was shocked at the price. It was $30 for a kit that only made five pom pom’s! Aren’t DIY projects supposed to be cheaper?! They were over $6 for each pom pom vs mine which turned out to be less than $1 each. Since my good gal Jill has made these for many parties, I knew I could follow in her footsteps and Chels-ify them myself. So I bought some tissue paper and started creating. They are super easy and a fraction of the price! Move over Martha Stewart…..

Pom Pom Supplies:

-tissue paper

-twist tie


-fishing line

Step 1. Stack 8 sheets of tissue paper (standard size of roughly 20 x 30-inch)

Step 2. Make 1.5 inch-wide accordion folds back and forth, creasing with each fold.

Step 3. Secure middle of tissue paper tightly with twist tie. With scissors, trim each end of the tissue into rounded shape.

Step 4. Tie some fishing line to the twist tie for hanging. Start separating the layers one at a time by pulling up and towards the center.

Step 5.  Once the entire pom pom is fluffed, hang the fishing line for an invisible floating look!

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