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Playroom Transformation

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  I’m so excited to finally share these pictures with you! The third bedroom in our house has never really had a purpose since we moved in two years ago, let alone any style. It started with a spare bed in it, then it transformed to a craft room, next we had a huge corner desk in it among all my workout equipment and yoga stuff. So it was my office/craft room/yoga room/ugly room. But all in all, it was mostly just a wasted space. With a computer being the only useful thing we needed in the room, it seemed impractical to use the entire area for a computer. So we sold the computer desk, but then my little man was born and I had no time to shower, let alone craft or redecorate a room.

But as the accumulation of toys got larger and larger I was losing my mind. If you are not aware, I have a color phobia when it comes to decor. I am always drawn to neutral and natural elements so the colorful baby toys were really starting to really throw off my feng shui… haha and not to mention that before I knew it I had a toy box in every room. It felt like I was just constantly moving toys from one room to the other as opposed to actually cleaning anything up. So that’s when I decided that we desperately needed a playroom. A home for all the toys, puzzles, games and a space that kids could enjoy. I figured since the rest of the decor in my house was so muted, I wanted this room to be a mish mash of colors, patterns and designs. If a rainbow could vomit, this room would be it. So off to the wonderful world of Pinterest where I found this inspiration.

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