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Healthy Pumpkin Spice Muffins


Halloween comes and goes so quickly, along with all the creepy decorations and spooky costumes. But unfortunately those little chocolate bars and mini treats may still haunt your willpower long after the pumpkins are gone. After an evening spent eating the equivalent of my body weight in bite sized chocolate bars, I find that the best way to get back on track is to find a healthy substitute for those afternoon sugar cravings. And what better use for those pre-carved pumpkins then to bake with them? I never liked to waste food and with all the delicious recipes to use pumpkin there is no reason to toss those little jack o lanterns in the compost just yet.

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S'more Cupcakes with Bailey's Frosting


Summer is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons but camping definitely tops the list. Nothing feels better than jumping in a truck and driving away from town with a warm breeze in my hair and a bag of sunflower seeds by my side. Wait a minute….. I think I just wrote a country song there. I love turning off my phone for several days, sitting by the lake and letting mother nature wash away any unneeded stress. It’s amazing what a Continue reading

Healthy Banana Bread


Smoothies are a staple in our house, so we always have fresh produce stocking our fridge or adorning our counters. But sometimes we can’t get to all the fruit fast enough, so that’s where baking comes in. When I notice the bananas ripening too fast I resort to making this healthy banana bread recipe or my one ingredient banana ice cream! They are great healthy alternatives and fix that spring sweet tooth that likes to show up so close to bikini season. This recipe is full of flavor but not full of all the extra saturated fat and oils that traditional banana bread is made of. I love using coconut oil in my baking because of all the health benefits it has, and the importance of incorporating enough healthy fats into your food as well. However, you can substitute the oil for applesauce if you prefer it even lighter. Either way this recipe is easy, delicious and sure to keep you away from the processed treats taunting you in the display case at your morning coffee shop. Continue reading

Almond Joy Energy Bites


Lately I’ve had a big sweet tooth by the time the afternoon rolls around. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that leaves me needing an afternoon jolt of energy, or the fact that I’m chasing around my busy little boy, but either way this recipe is the solution. So instead of reaching for coffee, chocolate or processed sugar to fuel your body when your energy is low, Continue reading

Banana Coconut Greek Yogurt Muffins

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With the cooler mornings creeping in and the smell of autumn rolling through the valley, my kitchen is starting to look more enticing than the sandy beaches. Baking time! This is by far my favorite banana muffin recipe!! Unlike most muffins, this recipe contains no oil, butter or flour! Regular sugar is also not found in this recipe as coconut sugar takes its place. Coconut sugar is a much healthier option as it contains Iron, Zinc, Calcium and Potassium along with some short chain fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants. Not to mention that it has a lower glycemic index compared to table sugar. The greek yogurt also makes these tasty treats moist and tangy while adding extra protein. So who would say no to these muffins?! No guilt, no problem. But you’d never be able to tell that these are good for you judging by how delicious they are. Need I say more?! Continue reading

Hungarian Crepes


This meal brings back the most memories for me as a child. My Hungarian grandmother would make these for me and my brother anytime we asked, which was almost every time we went over to visit. We were never entirely sure what she was making at first because, like most grandmothers cooking, it is a recipe they can recreate with their eyes closed in no time. Continue reading

The Best Flaky Pie Crust

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Living in the Okanagan has it’s perks all year round, but when it comes to enjoying local fresh fruit and produce it is the place to be. Cherries, apricots, raspberries, strawberries and peaches are just a few of the mouth watering fruits adorning orchard branches and farmer fields in the summer months. I was gifted pounds upon pounds of cherries and apricots this year and since I can only consume so many in a day, I had to get creative with ways to preserve them. I made muffins, pies, purees, smoothies, and simply just froze some before they went bad. However, making pies is definitely my favorite way to enjoy fruit…. let’s be honest. Buttery flaky crust enveloping fresh tangy flavors. What’s not to love? It definitely isn’t low in fat or part of a bikini diet, but I don’t care about either of those so I had my cake and ate it too! I love that this recipe uses butter instead of shortening and you could substitute the flour for almond flour, coconut flour or whole wheat depending on your preference too. In my opinion, an old fashioned approach to pie is the way to go. Rich and delicious!

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Black Bean Brownies


Okay we are a week into the New Year so I have to ask… craving sweets yet? If you decided to detox your cupboards of junk food, but are now considering mixing cocoa powder into your peanut bar jar just to get a sugar fix I have a solution for you! Healthy brownies! I personally never ban any food from my diet because I don’t think it is realistic to cut out dessert entirely. So I have just committed to making healthy versions of my favorite treats. First of all, I am not even a big fan of chocolate…. but these brownies are amazing!! My hubby was hinting towards me about baking so I decided to create these squares of heaven. There are so many “healthy” versions of brownies out there but I wanted to have a recipe that actually resembled a gooey, fudgy moist brownie and not a crunchy vegetable flavored granola bar. He loved them and had NO idea they were healthy. Trust me…. these are amazing!!

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Healthy Cookie Dough Bites


Yup!! I know what you’re thinking…. it’s about time you posted Chels! As a new mom, I’ve been busy… and free time is far and few between some days! That’s where these little bites of delight come in. For those that know me…. I LOVE food… I eat healthy…. and I eat A LOT! But with my little one keeping me so busy it can be a struggle to Continue reading