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DIY Starfish Wall Art


I’m sure most of you have recognized a theme when it comes to the majority of my household DIY projects. Most of it is nautical ocean themed. No I do not live near the ocean, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring the ocean to me. I was a water baby when I was little and I never outgrew my love for it. Maybe it is from growing up in the Okanagan or maybe from spending every summer on road trips to the coast. Either way I find my peace and relaxation close to the water, so naturally when it came time to decorate my home and get my DIY on, I instantly gravitated towards anything that reminded me of the sea.

A while back I did this diy craft for homemade salt dough starfish. Click on the link HERE.


I used them in containers, as Christmas tree ornaments, as garland, and lastly for this wall art. I love the natural elements and how easy it was. Seriously, if you’ve already made the starfish it takes about 60 seconds to hammer in the nails, a few minutes to tie the starfish and bow on the top and seconds to hang your lil creations. Nobody loves a 5 minute diy project more than a stay at home mom during nap time!

All you need is:

  • a piece of wood in your desired length and color
  • 5 nails
  • 5 salt dough starfish
  • jute/hemp string for starfish
  • string or rope for top of wood

Step 1. Hammer in your nails evenly spaced apart, leaving a little extra space at the top for wrapping string.


Step 2. Using your jute, wrap a small loop on the top of your starfish and then wrap several times around the base. It’s optional, but I used a hot glue gun to secure the loop and wrapping so that I didn’t have to rely on my knot tying skills.

20151005_132513 20151005_132656

Step 3. Wrap second string/rope around the top of the wood and tie a simple bow in the front. This doubles as a nice finishing touch and also a simple way to hang your art on the wall.


Then just hang your little starfish! Ta da!!


On the beach you can live in bliss ~ The Beach Boys


Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

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Okay it’s the last weekend before Christmas!! Some of you were done shopping weeks ago and some of you may not have even started. Either way, if you are brave enough to venture to the mall this weekend, then I tip my hat to you. However, sometimes even the mall doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for or maybe you just want to give a gift this holiday season with a little homemade touch. Here are some of my favorite last minute DIY projects. They all cost less than $15 and you can make them in an hour or less. Inexpensive, fast and homemade! What more could you ask for with less than 6 days till Christmas!

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DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jars


Mercury glass home decor seems to be lining the shelves and popping up in interior design everywhere this year. Although mercury glass has been around forever, it seems like it’s really making it’s comeback. This classic metallic finish adds the perfect mix of modern, rustic, feminine, and masculine to any room. But a hefty price tag usually seems to be attached to these mercury glass items in designer stores. Problem solved!! You think I want to pay that price for something I can make myself…. I think not. So with a simple can of Looking Glass spray paint you can transform any regular glass item into a brand new piece… and for a fraction of the price! Continue reading

DIY Rock Magnets


These little rock magnets are the perfect little stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the holidays. They take less than 5 minutes to make, are super inexpensive and look cute decorating any fridge. I just bought a simple bag of polished decor rocks from the dollar store for $2, a set of small magnets for $2 and I already had the glue so I was able to make two dozen of them for less than $5! This diy craft is the perfect Continue reading

DIY Fall Decor

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The decorating bug has started crawling through my veins lately and I cannot wait to start making some fall decor. If I step foot into any home design stores I might as well sign my fall cheque away, so the safest bet is for me to turn to DIY projects that cost a fraction of designer store merchandise. I spent the better part of yesterday harvesting my raised garden beds and figuring out what plants I will be transplanting this weekend to autumn-ize my yard, and now I have moved indoors where I am ready to change some of my decor. I love how little changes like throw pillows and garland can make such a huge statement when it comes to changing the look of a room. I love season changes and making way for pretty new things so here are some of my favorite DIY ideas!!!

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DIY Whitewashed Fireplace

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Our fireplace has always been an eyesore for me. Although it was built very well in it’s day, no matter how much I scrubbed it, it still looked dingy and outdated. Time and time again, I tossed up the idea of completely painting over it white, but I didn’t feel as though it was the right structure and design to look polished in a solid color. So I just left it. Then a few weeks ago after taking pictures of a piece of furniture I had whitewashed, the idea struck. I could definitely whitewash my fireplace, or at least die trying. I did a test strip underneath the hearth which quickly turned into a two hour project. I used a white stain that was left over from painting our fences but any white paint would work, as long as you dilute it with a little water.  Make sure to clean the fireplace before hand with soapy water and a scrub brush and let dry overnight.

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Wine Bottle DIY's


Let’s be honest for a minute. We all know that with the hot summer days and endless warm nights we all like to enjoy a few beverages than we normally would in the winter months, and I am no exception to this rule. There is something so refreshing about a cool beer at a BBQ, a tropical margarita at a pool party, warm coffee and Baileys by the campfire or a crisp white wine on a lakefront patio. But with all the extra consumption leaves empty bottles lying around destined for the recycling plant. So why not re-purpose those containers into something more useful that doesn’t remind you of your headache and sudden allergy to bright lights? I live in the beautiful Okanagan surrounded by countless wineries and I cannot turn down a good Ehrenfelser or Reisling, not to mention to experience that comes with it. Walking through lush vineyards, sampling fresh wines, soaking up sunshine and spending time with friends on a wine tour is practically ingrained in my summer DNA. So I decided to get my craft on and I rounded up some of my favorite DIY craft ideas for re-loving these beautiful little bottles. Continue reading

DIY Polka Dot Sweater


I don’t know whether it’s my never ending love for polka dots or that I was simply born in the wrong era when it comes to fashion. I could live in high waisted skirts, strappy halter tops, floppy sunhats, form fitting sundresses, polka dots, floral designs, shift dresses and stilettos. But since I clearly am not living in the 50’s, the only thing I can do is bring a little 50’s to my wardrobe. I always lean towards staple clothing items that I know will stand the test of time. I stick to neutral colors, solid materials and simple patterns so that I can incorporate the latest  fashion trends in the form of jewelry, scarves and others accessories. But I was getting pretty bored with some of my items so I decided to add a little love to them. First I decided to make a pair of heart stamped pattern pants that I absolutely LOVE. Check out the tutorial HERE. Next up, I decided to sacrifice one of my plain sweaters to the DIY gods. I made my own fabric paint and with a simple Q tip and some scrap cardboard I was ready to go. Continue reading

Spring Planting Ideas


The best of British flowers for summer, by five top florists - Telegraph. Even if you've just got a window box, there's still something you can do to help the bees and the butterflies.

The sun is out, the birds are singing and my thumb is getting greener by the day. It has been absolutely gorgeous the past few days and I have been using any excuse to be outside and stay outside. We are in the middle of landscaping and building raised garden beds in our backyard which I am soooo excited to start planting in, but until then, my small pots and hanging baskets will have to do. Now that frosty mornings are behind us and 25 degree weather is ahead of us, it’s time to start planting. For a basic rule of thumb when planting pots use a thriller, a spiller and a filler. The thriller will be your tallest plant that establishes the height of your arrangement. The spiller which will climb over and down the side of your container and one or two filler plants will do just that, fill in the spaces. These three types of plants will create an interesting arrangement that’s sure to get attention. When potting a larger container, if you want to save on the amount of soil, fill the container first with packing peanuts, rocks or even empty pop cans. Then top with potting soil and you are ready to start creating!

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DIY Heart Patterned Jeans


I heart these jeans! (get it…. heart=love. See what I did there?). These pants were the perfect addition to Valentines Day this year! I was organizing my closet and I came across an old pair of skinny jeans that were looking a little too loved. I was considering recoloring them but then my love for polka dots took over! What’s cuter than polka dots? Heart polka dots! Hearta dots? Anyways…. I couldn’t justify buying such a trendy item so I ended up DIYing them myself. Surprised?! I created my own fabric paint because I also didn’t want to spend extra money on fabric paint when I could use supplies that I already had. You can use denim jeans or any colored pants that you want to transform. The lighter the pant the more subtle the pattern depending how fashionable you are feeling. Using pastel colored pants would be soooo cute for spring!

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