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DIY Rock Magnets


These little rock magnets are the perfect little stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the holidays. They take less than 5 minutes to make, are super inexpensive and look cute decorating any fridge. I just bought a simple bag of polished decor rocks from the dollar store for $2, a set of small magnets for $2 and I already had the glue so I was able to make two dozen of them for less than $5! This diy craft is the perfect gift this time of year for all those Christmas cards filling your mailbox! And you don’t even need to be crafty to pull off this diy. Just dab a little bit of extra strength clear adhesive to the back of your rock, set a small magnet in the middle and wait for it to dry! Ta-da! A cute little handmade gift!




If you don’t love the natural rock look as much as I do, you could always spray paint them your favorite color. Heck you could even hand paint a cute design if you are feeling creative. These little magnets rock….. yeah I said it!

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish. ~ Oliver Herford

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