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DIY Rainbow Sunburst Mirror


I hope you all had a great weekend! With Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend I am officially full of pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing and whip cream….. until Christmas of course.

After the relaxing long weekend it was time to clean my house and get ready for another week. As I was cleaning my playroom I remembered about this project! So here it is as promised!!

I was so happy with how my first DIY starburst mirror turned out that I just had to make another one for our new playroom! I was originally planning on painting all the wood one solid color but I could not decide on one color for the life of me. Then I thought about painting each full piece a different color but with natural wood throughout my house I still wanted some of the cedar to show. That’s where my idea of just painting the ends came from. I just measured a couple inches up, drew a faint pencil line and painted a bright color. There was no rhyme or reason to my pattern of colors and I LOVE the fun and playful vibe it has! There are soooooo many possibilities with colors to choose from that I’m warning you…… making these gets addicting! If you have a bare wall that needs some love or are just looking for a pop of color in any room (especially a kids room) just follow the easy DIY Sunburst Mirror tutorial HERE.

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. I love the color and twist on the starburst!