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Christmas Baking

"It's time to try a little baking"

It was my birthday yesterday and I had the best day ever!! I woke up to a very thoughtful gift tucked in the corner of the crib from my little boy. Who knew my hubby an 11 week old could gift wrap so nicely?!  Then I enjoyed a great morning walk with my girlfriend Lise sipping holidays coffees and walking in the snow. When I got back home my dad was waiting to take me out for lunch! Then to end the evening my hubby surprised me to a baby-free (thanks Oma and Opa) dinner with Lise and her hubby! Happy Birthday to me! I also got many phone calls, unexpected visitors, awesome gifts and tons of thoughtful birthday wishes, so I am in great spirits to start the weekend!!

But if you feel like the only spirits you own came home in a brown paper bag then you need a pick me up! What’s better than fresh baking?! This year I didn’t get around to doing any Christmas baking so these are my favorite recipes from previous years. I know I still have time but with just me and my husband to feed and me at home all day within reach of the cookie jar….  I’ll be diabetic before New Years.

This may be the last somewhat relaxing weekend before the Christmas craze is everywhere, so if you have the time to bake, these recipes are a must for your holiday guests (or just for yourself) Enjoy!

Sweet and Spicy Pecans


Chocolate Dipped Pretzels


Sugar Cookies


S’more Bark



As long as you know how to bake, life is sure to be sweet!

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  1. Love your Christmas baking, especially the chocolate pretzel sticks! I’ll have to give these a go. Kim x http://www.eatsleepbakerepeat.wordpress.com