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Nintendo Remote Cake

Last month it was my brother-in-laws wedding and for the special occasion I was asked to make him a  surprise groom cake. It was something I had never heard of before, but I thought it was a unique idea. After all, if it was always up to the groom to design the cake, it would be less flowers and lace and more trucks and sports. So why not give the groom a little personal touch at the cake cutting?! After a couple weeks of thinking what best described him, I realized that it had to be something geared towards video games. Right away I thought of his Halloween costume last year when him and all his friends went as the Super Mario Kart characters. So Nintendo it was. And the original controller was a must. It was a highlight of the night seeing his reaction to his cake and worth every sweat and tear I put into it. Hope you like it!

Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about  rock-n-roll. – Author Unknown

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  1. Chels!! You are so creative!! This is brining back some very vivid memories!! Nice work chica !! xo