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Hunting Cake

I somehow forgot to post this photo along with my other cakes, so it’s a little bit late. Okay this cake is a little graphic, I know. But it was my father-in-laws birthday cake and he is an avid hunter so it had to be done. All in the name of love and cupcakes. It was so much fun to make but I felt a little sadistic when I kept adding more and more blood. It just wasn’t gory enough for my liking.  This cake is definitely up there as one of my favourites. And for those of you wondering…. I feel bad when I kill a bug,  so hunting is not an interest of mine. And even if it was, no one would agree to take me anyways. I have an insane phobia of bears AND although my shot is quite impressive I tend to be a little clumsy at times. So i’ll leave the real sport for the guys, and the baking to me….

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