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DIY Painted Bird Cage

I love the look of distressed bird cages but I am not a fan of the prices, so this was my favourite find a couple weeks ago at a local thrift shop. I picked it up for only $5.99. I have never seen a rectangle bird cage like this and I absolutely loved it. I knew I had to take it home and give it a little TLC. It was the perfect addition to my deck! All it needed was some love. So I washed it, sanded it, spray painted it and then roughed up the wires with sandpaper. Ta-da re-newed bird cage!

I liked the original wood color but not so much the hand painted flower. Plus I love white decor lately so I said goodbye to the au natural wood finish.

 I knew I wanted my bird cage on the deck so I made sure to buy an indoor/outdoor spray paint. This brand was great. It dries quickly, has great coverage, can be used on many surfaces and can withstand the weather outside. It was only $10 too!

Pretty good for a $10 can of spray paint and a $6 bird cage. I’d say $16 is much better than the $70 bird cages i’ve drooled over in the home decor stores.

The little bird I found at an antique store for $1 and the funky picture was also a bargain find for $2. I’m always inspired to re-purpose old finds into new treasures and I personally love the mixture of rustic peices and modern accents to create interesting decor.  There’s nothing a little TLC can’t fix!

“A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist” – Franklin P Jones

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