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DIY Garden Labels

A couple weeks ago I got an amazing deal on some modern white clay pots. I just had to have them for my patio so I snagged up a bunch of them. I decided to plant fresh herbs in each of them and create a little mini makeshift garden since the current ‘garden’ at our new house is just a chunk of lonely dirt that’s completely weeded over on the side of our house. Come fall after I can harvest all the random garlic that’s planted there we will seed it over. So it doesn’t make sense to put my blood and tears into planting a garden there now, only to rip it up in a couple months. But I wanted some kind of garden til then, so herbs it was.

While browsing at the nursery I saw some really cute garden labels.  But they were rediculously expensive for such cheap made tags. So i’m sure you know what was going through my mind…DIY project. So while I was shovelling and potting away, I racked my brain for ideas of what I could use that was at hand and/or inexpensive. Since I needed wood for my one of my ideas I had to think of something else (little did I know that where I was about to go camping the next day would be littered with gorgeous driftwood) But still I needed something in the meantime. So while shovelling up dirt for potting I saw a rock. DING! So I went on a scavenger hunt around my house to find more rocks and this was the result! Hope you like it!

All you need is:

-smooth rocks (size depends on your pot size)

-black permanent marker

-brush to scrub the rocks if they are really dirty


I will be posting my DIY wooden tag labels soon!

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  1. This is such a cute idea!