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80th Birthday Cake

I made this cake last weekend for a colleague of mine. It was her father-in-laws 80th birthday and the request was for a ‘classy and simple fondant cake’. I have been so busy since we moved, so this was my first baking experience in my new ‘home’.  I took my new (old) oven and new work space for a test run and I gotta say I loved it! And it’s also a bonus because we will be renovating the kitchen in the fall. So in the meantime, any accidental knife drops, cake splatter mishaps or food coloring spills will be tossed into a garbage bin come September. Whewwff.  I guess I shouldn’t get too comfortable with being hasty in the kitchen because it could be a hard habit to break come renovation time.

  Anyways, after flying around the kitchen all morning, I was happy with what I created.  And when I say ‘flying’, I am not exaggerating very much. I tend to become a whirlwind of energy when i’m baking or even cooking for that matter. I am clumsy and carefree which sometimes  all the time results in a disasterous clean-up. It’s a common occurance for me to be putting the finishing touches on food or dessert when I stop to look around and am POSITIVE there had to be someone else in the kitchen with me to make that much of a mess! But none the less….I am happy when i’m in the kitchen so that’s all that matters. Just like Dalai Lama said :

“Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.”

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