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Fondant Flower Cupcakes

There was a grand opening on June 9th for a new 14+ consignment store in town. A local radio station hosted the event and I was asked if I could supply the cupcakes. This was the same weeekend I was moving into my new house so it was freekin’ a little chaotic since I had to bake the cupcakes, decorate the cupcakes and pack up my entire kitchen in one night. Since I knew that I would be cleaning the place we were moving out of the next day….. I was not NEARLY as careful while baking. My kitchen looked like the inside of a microwave at a high school cafeteria. It was spackled with EVERYTHING! Oh the joys of being a clumsy baker. Anyways I was very happy with these cute little mini cupcakes. Half were vanilla, the other half were chocolate and they were all decorated with vanilla frosting and marshmallow fondant flowers. I heard they were a huge hit!

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