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Fortune Cookie Cupcakes

So I decided for my engagement party last year that I wanted to make something really funky and different for a cupcake. I brainstormed a few ideas and then decided to make these lil badboys. Seemed easy enough…

Step 1  Bake

Step 2 Ice

Step 3 Print off and cut out my own personal fortune papers

Step 4 Mold each fortune cookie one at a time out of caramel and place paper inside

Easy enough I thought….. until I got to about the 4th cupcake and realized it was practically like creating origami food. It was painstakingly slow and tedious but I was past the point of no return….so what did I do? I cranked up some country music, grabbed myself a glass of wine and made the best of it. I have to say that it was worth all the effort though.

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