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Baby Shower Cake

I just love baby showers! What could be a better celebration than a new little life in this world? My cousin drove all the way from up north just so she could have her baby shower surrounded by family. I was so excited to see her and even more excited to celebrate the new addition to our family. Her and her husband were so excited to be having a little girl. I felt the need to celebrate it with an ultra-girlie baby cake.  Seriously does a cake get much cuter than a little babies bum hidden under a blanket? I just love polka dots and this was the perfect excuse to incorporate them into a cake! I didn’t want to waste a huge ball of fondant so the baby’s head and tush were mandarin oranges wrapped in fondant. So if you are ever in a bind for a round shape when working with fondant, head into your fruit basket or crisper!

A girl is Innocence playing in the mud, beauty standing on its head, and Motherhood dragging a doll by the foot.

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